7 Day Jumpstart



7 days of personal accountability

This program was built to help you jumpstart back into your routine of health and wellness. It’s been a really interesting time navigating through covid. I personally had many ups and downs. What I came to ultimately see though is that I am a happier, less stressful individual when I make my exercise and health a high priority, but I was still struggling with taking that first step. This is how The Jumpstart was birthed.

Daily follow along workouts

Everyday we get to workout and sweat together. With 35-45 minute strength & cardio routines. We will challenge ourselves to push through when it feels like time to quit.

You will need: heavy dumbbells, light dumbbells, close loop resistance bands, bench or chair. If you don’t have 2 sets of dumbbells that is ok!

7 day meal plan

Easy to follow meal plan. No complicated recipes. Common ingredients that can be found anymore. Easy substitutions. Grocery list included.

Daily self care checkins

Daily check lists to help hold you accountable and a place to celebrate and share your success.


What You Get

  • Daily follow along workouts, Strength & Cardio based
  • Easy to follow meal plan + grocery list
  • 7 days of personal accountability
  • Daily check in videos and check list

Its exactly what I needed!

I am completely in love with the Jumpstart. From the “no” reminders that I scrolled past every day, the recorded workouts with constant form reminders, 35-45 min workouts that COUNT, a very “realistic” time frame, and the opportunity for my to hold MYSELF accountable for 7 days.

General FAQ

How do I view my program?
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Do I have to create an account?
Yes. This allows you to have a quicker checkout process and never lose any of your purchases.
Will my downloads ever expire?
No, once you have purchased them they are yours to keep. You can always access them from your account under downloads.