“I created C30 to bring a new style of training to this challenge. I’ll be there to coach you through each workout. We will be pushed not only both physically and mentally, but also have some fun moments together to help you get one step closer to feeling your best. If you’ve ever wanted to try one of my challenges, this one is it.”


With C30 I want you to take your home training to another level.

With this program there are 2 MANDATORY full body strength days. If you are only able to complete these 2 workouts each week you will still see results.

This is a 5 day a week program.

Here is how the week will be structured.

Monday – Mandatory Strength (50 min)

Tuesday – Endurance / HIIT (45 min)

Wednesday – Endurance / HIIT (50 min)

Thursday – Mandatory Strength (45 min)

Friday – Active Recovery (20 min)

*Bonus 12 minute Nonstop Burner (just because I love you guys)

The great and unique thing about how these workouts are designed, if you are only able to workout 20-30 minutes a day you can easily break up the workouts without feeling like you are missing out.

Meal plan plus a grocery list to help support your diet while participating in this challenge.


Download and save the PDF to either Adobe Acrobat (best for viewing) or Ibooks.


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