Noelle’s Lower Body Guide + eBook


IT IS POSSIBLE TO GROW YOUR GLUTES FROM HOME. You just need to consistently train hard and that’s what we’re about to do for the next 6 weeks.

Noelle’s Lower Body Guide + eBook


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Whats in this 6 Week Glutes Guide:

3 workouts per week, all full-length follow along routines with a preview option if you’d rather workout on your own.

Before beginning the program, each participant will test their technique and endurance in various exercises such as squats, bridges, and frog pumps.

Weeks 1-2:We will be focused on building a strong foundation with proper technique on the basics. This will help set us up for more advanced exercises to come! Don’t be fouled these routines will not be easy.

Weeks 3-4: I’ll be progressing you through different tempos, rep ranges & new exercises! Get ready to step it up a notch.

Weeks 5-6:This phase will be known as the Big Push, where we will take things to an absolute max level! These will be fun, intense routines to prep you to retest at the end!

*Equipment needed: resistance bands, dumbbells & bench (or chair)

With this bundle you also get access to:

Noelle’s Guide to Macros

This ebook was created to teach you everything you need to know about macronutrients. We’ll be going over what macros are, how to calculate and apply them, and discussing how tracking my macros helped take my nutrition, & ultimately my goals, to another level! Having an understanding of macros can help your relationship with food & change the way you see dieting forever!

What’s included:

9 chapters of science-backed explanation behind what macros are, tracking, and making adjustments.

My personal story and history with tracking macros and how it positively effected my lifestyle.

Full case study of what happens when macros are applied. We’re using my personal meal plan & data to show you exactly what I eat to get to my goals.

30 Macro-Friendly recipes to help you take what you’re learning and use it for creating your own meal plan.

How to build your own meal plan based off your numbers.

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