Road to 15,000


Road to 15,000

Movement is healing. Sometimes we don’t know where to start, or even how too.  So let’s move together. 

After my moms passing I felt numb and didn’t know what to do or how to begin the process of acceptance. I asked my dad to help pour a concrete slab so I had a space to workout. Movement has played a big role in my process towards healing.

That is how this program was created. Movement has helped me, I hope it can help you too. Sometimes we just need something manageable to commit to when things feel overwhelming and hard.

Over the next 30 days we will honor our bodies through movement, Accomplishing 15,000 reps in 30 days! Everyday we will complete 500 rep towards our goal. You will complete each routine the best you can, after every workout you will track your completion time and have opportunities to challenge yourself to beat your original times on the weekends.  The goal is to get moving everyday. 

Every Monday – Friday are brand new routines. Saturday and Sunday are re-test days. You will chose your favorite routine from the week and challenge yourself to a better time!

These routines are available to everyone. This is a personal challenge to do the best you possibly can no matter what fitness level you are at.

 To whom it may concern my mom was in a freak accident on July 10th that ended her life suddenly.  Our family is still in complete shock.

We have community members offering to start a gofundme for my sister and I to help us keep my moms property and handle end of life expenses. 

I never felt it was fair to ask for financial support without giving back. I know people everyday are put in unforeseen horrible circumstances. 

This program will not only help support my family but also help me take care of the responsibilities that were left behind. 

Many of you have reached out and asked how you could help, supporting this program would help my family and I get back on our feet. 

Whether you choose to participate for the next 30 days or just would like to purchase the challenge to support us, I am incredibly grateful. 

I am excited to get moving with all of you <3



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