The 6 Week Lower Body Guide Vol. 2


IS IT POSSIBLE TO GROW YOUR GLUTE FROM HOME? YES You just need to consistently train hard and that’s what we are about to do for the next 6 weeks together!

With all full-length follow along routines you will have the accountability and motivation to stay on track!

The 6 Week Lower Body Guide Vol. 2



What’s in Vol. 2 of the next 6 Week Glute Guide:

Vol 2 is here with more follow-along routines! We’re going another six weeks together of fun & intense leg days to help shape and grow your glutes, quads, and hamstrings! As an added bonus, we brought upper body and core exercises for you as well! If you participated in Volume 1 this is the PERFECT way to continue progressing!

Weeks 1-2 will be centered around the basics. Having a strong foundation of form & mind-muscle connection will help you get the most out of this program. Whether you’re new to these programs or if you’ve done Vol 1, this will challenge you!

Weeks 3-4 we will be turning up the heat with different methods to add intensity to your workouts. You’ll see drop sets here, isometrics, and different variations to get after. During these weeks your job is to focus on your form, stay with me, and GRIND!

Weeks 5-6 is known as the “accumulation phase”. At this point you’ve been pushing for over a month, and it’s time to give me every last bit of energy you have to finish this out. You have a test at the end of this, so let’s get ready.

This program can be repeated and progressed as many times as you’d like!

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