The 6 Week Lower Body Guide Vol. 1


IS IT POSSIBLE TO GROW YOUR GLUTE FROM HOME? YES You just need to consistently train hard and that’s what we are about to do for the next 6 weeks together!

With all full-length follow along routines you will have the accountability and motivation to stay on track!

The 6 Week Lower Body Guide Vol. 1

Whats in this 6 Week Glute Guide:

3 workouts per week, all full-length follow along routines with a preview option if you’d rather workout on your own.

Before beginning the program, each participant will test their technique and endurance in various exercises such as squats, bridges, and frog pumps.

Weeks 1-2: We will be focused on building a strong foundation with proper technique on the basics. This will help set us up for more advanced exercises to come! Don’t be fouled these routines will not be easy.

Weeks 3-4: I’ll be progressing you through different tempos, rep ranges & new exercises! Get ready to step it up a notch.

Weeks 5-6:This phase will be known as the: Big Push, where we will take things to an absolute max level! These will be fun, intense routines to prep you to retest at the end!

This program can be repeated and progressed as many times as you’d like!

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