The Ultimate Home Challenge


40 fun, challenging 20 minute circuits you can do anytime, anywhere.

The Ultimate Home Challenge

Time for the Ultimate HOME Challenge!

With gym closures happening all over the US we want to set you up in the best way possible from home! We have combined our two upcoming home challenges together to give you 40 fun, challenging circuits you can do anytime, anywhere. 

What are the two challenges?

The Ultimate Strength Challenge

  • 20 Strength Circuits that will test your endurance and strength with 20 minute non stop circuits. 
  • equipment needed: 1 set of dumbbells (10-25lbs, depending on your own strength level) * I use 20lb dumbbells.
  • every exercise has a demonstration video and explanation

The Ultimate Cardio Body Blast

  • 20 bodyweight cardio circuits to get the body moving with dynamic exercises, guaranteed to break a sweat! 
  • No equipment necessary 
  • every exercise has a demonstration video and explanation
  • A fun way to get your kids moving too!

This gives everybody the opportunity to workout from home in a fun environment that can even includes your kids! 

all workouts are 20 minutes long. Chose between Strength Circuit or Cardio Circuit for your daily exercise or knock out both!

Spend the next 30 days focusing on improving your body composition and endurance in a fun, energetic way!


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