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Welcome to the 6 Week Lower Body Guide.

This is an at-home program, requires minimum equipment, and is designed to boost metabolism and help you reach your goals!


Get on track and reaching your goals in 6 weeks.


Weeks 1-2

We will be focused on building a strong foundation with proper technique on the basics. This will help set us up for more advanced exercises to come! Don't be fouled these routines will not be easy.


Weeks 3-4

I'll be progressing you through different tempos, rep ranges & new exercises! Get ready to step it up a notch.


Weeks 5-6

This phase will be known as the: Big Push, where we will take things to an absolute max level! These will be fun, intense routines to prep you to retest at the end!

Full Length Videos

Developed with full length routines, with progressions and regressions to make you work!


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Developed with an amazing community to help you stay motivated and grow towards. your goals.


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YES! You just need to consistently train hard and that’s what we are about to do for the next 6 weeks together!

With all full-length follow along routines you will have the accountability and motivation to stay on track!


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Noelle's been such a blessing in my life. She's helped me to learn how to just breathe and look at the blessings around me daily, to push through self-discouragement, and learn to love the process of bettering myself. Her programs are effective, cohesive, extremely AFFORDABLE, and created with love. I love being a part of such a positive community that you have brought together!
Noelle has done an amazing job putting this together! I have honestly never ever paid anybody for workouts because I love creating my own! But I am a forever Noelle costumer not only because I love your workouts and community but love how amazing of a person and mother you are so I’ll forever support!
I’ve been following Noelle for 5 years now. I love her workouts because they are challenging and produce results. I would recommend her programs to everyone. She provides high quality content at an affordable price.

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You will have access to the e-book through perpetuity after purchase.

 No, you can train at whatever time fits your schedule. I recommend training in the morning, to help mitigate obstacles and interruptions.

No, Noelle’s programs are designed to spike your heart rate, and help boost metabolism. We have additional challenges for those looking for that extra bit of work. 

We recommend sticking us closer to the meal plan as possible to maximize your results. These programs will help you to develop a foundation for eating healthy within your own lifestyle.

Yes, programs contain progressions and regressions of all moves, and is great for beginners or advanced fitness levels. 

Yes, Noelle’s programs are good for beginners, as well as  experienced fitness consumers.

Noelle’s programs require limited equipment and can be done at home or in a gym setting.

At the end of the day, motivation will be up to the individual! We have a great community of amazing women but motivation has to come from within!